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      This time, I would like to discuss a bit about my entry title which normally known as J-Pop and K-Pop. Some of you might wondering what I gonna to point out in this post but first of all, sorry if I'm bias or just writing much about J-Pop rather than K-Pop and maybe because I love to Japanese songs more and it's doesn't mean I'm against K-Pop.

      To begin with, I'm started to heard Japanese songs since my best friend introduce me to the song entitled "Blue Bird" by Ikimono Gakari which are one of the theme song for "Naruto". Since that song so catchy to me, so I asked my friend permission to copy all his anime songs and started from that moment, I love so much J-Pop. Follow up with all Yui's songs, UVERworld's and Aqua Timez's. First song that attracted me towards loving Yui was entitled "Rolling Star" which are one of the theme song for anime "Bleach". After I've realize that I'm fall in love with those J-Pop songs especially Yui's song, I started to search and google-ng all Yui's albums and start  my own Yui's collection and I got almost all her song and for sure, I also search for each and every single song for their lyric. Learn a bit to understand Japanese language by their lyrics and what attract me the most was their true meaning of each single song. Awesome and its doesn't just a song, but expression of their feeling. Until now on, I still update the latest song from Yui but I'm only interested her songs and not to much towards their singer such as updating all info regarding the singer and maybe because I'm not a big fan enough. If you interested, I can suggest you, maybe some of her songs likes "Rolling Star", "It's all to much", "Love and trust", "Namidairo", "Goodbye days", "Laugh Away" and many more. Don't forget to know their meaning also.

        Even I love to heard J-pop rather than K-Pop, it's doesn't meant I didn't follow up any Korean songs and maybe I'm still new. I started interested to follow up to K-Pop because of my friend. She introduce me to DBSK/TVXQ song entitled "Stand By You" which I'm classify it as emotional song because its meaning more likely toward hoping for love to come back and maybe I'm interested because that song really suited my situation that moment. Back to Korean song, the second song that my friend give me was entitled "Tohoshinki Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou"/"Why Did I Fall In Love With You". Yeah, that 2nd song really make me down that time but that feeling don't controlling my fully emotion and I started to collect TVXQ's song because to me, all their songs fully with feeling of love and it's make it to be so beautiful to be heard. Day after day, Boys Over Flower being broadcast in television but I'm not follow up earlier and just realize when it was already episode 20 something. What makes me wanted to follow up that drama series was because my friend give me one Korean song that are the main theme song for that drama entitled "Because I'm Stupid" by SS501. Just gone through that lyric and you will know why I'm saying that song so emotional. Until now, their are several songs in my collection such as "Stand by me" by SHINee, "Wedding dress" by Taeyang, "To Her" by 2AM feat. Chansung of 2PM, all "BOF" OST songs and a bit collection from TVXQ album.

       Maybe thats all for now and sorry if their is not to much info because all of it base on my observation and my interest.^^v

Some of songs that in my collection.

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