Perlu ke?

Like I said in my previous post..your decisions make thing worse..

For you..maybe it's ok..because you never feel those feel that other feel..

It's easy to you..the was nothing..but how about others..that really think 24/7 about you..

take for granted about other feeling..1 absolute word suit for you..cruel..

I don't exactly get what your purpose to make those thing..

Your so perfect even you keep saying that you are not..from my don't have any lack..

maybe people got so many weaknesses..those I never see in you..even I blinded by something?..

seriously, you are good enough for me..even my friend(no longer) said i'm blind..or think i'm crazy because said you cute..but I never take you for you do..

maybe you might say.."klu syg..npe perlu ckp bkn2"..

as human..naturally..we got feel everything..hence..I know how feel to be so lonely..and I know how feeling of sadness..

its you feel it?do you ever try to understand it?

I never blame you because said any word that try to accept me..
It's my fault..fall in love to you..
It's better to reject it..'s more and very deep hurt when you try to accept..but lastly..after people put everything for you..just for you..and leave it..leave that person without consider what might that person feel..

never let or give chance to that person..

It's not easy to fall in love..because I'm like that..when..once will be the true feeling..once..the beginning..and that the ending..


StoryLine Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih Full Version by OhArtis Dot Com


If you...

I don't really understand with myself..i mean...part of my my heart... friend..even though it's hurt to accept those heart still whispering to my say yes..I do..accepting you as friend..

Feeling afraid..mix up with happiness...If I could illustrate my joy..surely I'm the one that really happy that time..

but again...fear of being betray grow inside my heart..after a heart cried body can't hear or even saw how damn broken it's... on...reminisces of memories keep chasing me..

today..a song.....make me remember those heart...again...bleeding..

nobody's hurt to act like nothing's make smile face even inside i'm crying...

It's hurt's really tears keep falling when I write this post..

everyday..I keep making a wish to God that she will be with me back..

the one...that I share my life...a wish that build my strength to stand today..facing world...facing everyone surrounding me..

strength to face the future...

If you read this...I hope you understand what I trying to say..

understand my feeling...especially to you..that I really love..



entah napa...nk trial..lg malas...rse takut...rase still.malas...i can't do no motivation...n hopefully full of luck...gud luck to all...tomorrow..would be our judgement your best...for this trial...





Again...something unpredictable just happen once again in my life... wish come true and I hope it would be long lasting...

hurm...I hope I can rectify what I've done before...something that make me realize and would never repeat it even once again in my life...


hurm..I really regret for what I've done before...The chance where I miss and let it passed by without used it wisely...

I won't never let this chance ended like before again...

Even though I've done so many bad things to her or anybody else..I won't repeat the same mistake twice..

I try my best to change my bad exact word..changing myself to someone that more better.. Even it slowly..but now...I can easily adept to it..the new atmosphere..a great atmosphere...

surrounded by people that deserve to be my friend...supporting me to be a better man...

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