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Kau berubah..
Aku berubah..
Dunia berubah..
Hati berubah..
Kematangan berubah..
Blogsphere berubah..
The way you talking to me also berubah..
The way you say hi berubah..

Does our friendship also changed?
Do I still in your friendlist?
Dulu stranger
After a while..friend..
time pass by..we are bestfriend..
time keep totally stranger..
I hope everything that happen gonna have their own hikmah..
From me -All the best, be the best-
Farewell my friend?
I'll alway's remember how we don't even miss a chance to share everything..
-Your Best Friend-

P.S: Kawan datang dan pergi..sejauh mana keberkesanan meninggalkan jejak di hati kawan itu menjadi makna..

M. Faiz Syahmi blogsphere.
the way u talking to me.

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

P.S: Komen yang ada link/url, gua delete direct, sorry, gua tak mahu blog gua dilabel google, blog spam.

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