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[Mode: One Republic - Secret] gonna be another day..tomorrow will change the world..and yesterday always be history to remember..that always be principle to, manage your life for a better tomorrow..

Which one?
People changing..because what? because their environment also changes..and sometime..because others giving so much pressure to how ever you're gonna to change, it depend..erm..I know..some of my friends keep talking to me..that I'm changing to somebody that unknown..ya.. I can see it too...I leave my old me due to so many people that busybody to pretend they care but actually they're not..

Like what I've said before..and so far, I remember,dah pernah cakap pasal pretend-pretend thingy ni know what..every of us surely have some part of our life that MUST full of pretending..pretend baik padahal tak baik..pretend jahat but tak jahat pun..pretend care but tak care pun..pretend love but not love at all..pretend brilliant but stupid..pretend nak jadi malaikat but perangai serupa syaitan..pretend to be kind but hati busuk..ya..that's human..full of corruption in mind..

Yes..I'm not kind..I'm not handsome..I'm not care..I'm not baik and what so ever lagi to be it?..but..after aku lihat balik sejarah..I've change a lot..sometime to stupid side..sometime to good side..sometime to be upside down..and I's to late to make correction as life can't be bygone be bygone..sorry if I ever change to bad side if with you..
As long as you're in correct path..
I've never ask others to understand me..but seriously, when I start to talk to you..tell you about something that everyone don't ever know about it..that's mean you're my close friend..I don't have any interest to tell about myself to any foreigner-unknown people.. and if you notice I've change upside down when with you..that's mean you're already be unknown species to me..ya..because sometime, tak semua persepsi baik kita dekat orang tu tepat..dan tak banyak pun yang memahami diri aku..because you're pretending that you know me..

For what people changing, only they themselves know about it..I've made my decision that I don't want any connection anymore with people that to me just pretending in what ever they doing..biarlah camne pun..I also miss my old me..tapi time's moving..takkan budak-budak always be budak-budak?..takkan bayi always be bayi?..and you know..friends always come and go..only someone that are really-really close and understand you gonna stand last longer..

I'm also human being..want to have friend..but each time..the fake one always't blame me if I be like this..If like that, you're to me,fake..Till then..we will meet again my old friend..but one thing..

If we ever meet again
I'll have so much more to say (if we ever meet again)

I'll never be the same
If we ever meet again

P.S: Friend just just subjective..typical friend always be friend..but extraordinary friend always be best friend..

amira people always change. as they learn how to change.. but somewhat people learn wrong thing.. they do change to.. but to he darker site..

p/s: really scared out of my wits when I reach here..

Da LovaC maybe how?

er..scared of what?
Zairie Husin xbaik gado2.. kita 1 malaysia:D

my recent post:
peninggalan nabi s.a.w
Da LovaC mmg xbaek orang cari gduh kan..keh3
inchEkPelukis get a life bro
baru berapa bulan kat sana
banyak lagi perlu belajar
tayah kalot2 sangat nak cari kawan yg asyik cari pasal ngan kita..
Da LovaC ek..mmg pun..guna kuasa ignore ni melibatkan real n virtual friend jgk ni

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

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