Today...14 August 2009

I'm going home this night..wish da best for me and reach home safely...

I gonna miss for 1week XD...

I gonna miss her too...I can't pretend that I'm hate her..that the fact..she give me chance to learn what was love all about..even it's hurt...

THAT THE FACT! so unpredictable..haha...Always used those sentence in my journal

My lecturer said in her comment's full with feeling and clearly describe what life was all about..haha...

I wish to post it here later...and again...sory for my grammar mistake....I'm not good writer actually but...I try my best to improve my writing and also me guys..huhu

I suppose to packing my bag but..hah...let express my feeling first..Don't know why so sudden I really love to write..haha...

maybe the feel of relieve make me so happy to write..haha...

and I suppose to reach home tomorrow morning...around 4-5 a.m. huh...such a tired journey I guess..but home sweet home...hahaha...

Bye2 casa.. life must go on with what you suppose to have and we surely can't control the way life flows..haha..

All would be memories and reminder for take it...

Mom...Dad...I'm coming...

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

P.S: Komen yang ada link/url, gua delete direct, sorry, gua tak mahu blog gua dilabel google, blog spam.

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