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erm...Today...I've learn some important mistake all along my journey of life..

" xsuka just ckp xsuka...xperlu jdi hipokrit trima n cakap bg chance sbab nanti mmang nk tggalkn jgk"

that phrase make me so damn sad because of someone that I accept to be my life partner did that to me..

maybe I'm did wrong in the way I'm serve you..thats my fault...

It's hurt to accept all these after I start to begging some hope from you...

It's better to said it at the beginning because it more easier to accept..and you don't need to be such hypocrite to the person that really hope you can love him..with full of heart...

Tears from my eyes can easily swept out... but If it's from my heart..It would never stop..would never....

Xellos Yunho so, everything has came back to normal? if it is, congrats...haha
Admin haha...50-50...but it's true that it's hard to forget the person that bring the meaning of love to us...erm..but everything must go on...If she want me to be with her again..I would never repeat the same mistake again...

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

P.S: Komen yang ada link/url, gua delete direct, sorry, gua tak mahu blog gua dilabel google, blog spam.

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