For Her..If U read This..Hope You know

sumtime we have to make a mistake to make we realise how to appreciate n learn sumthing from dat mistake....
hidup x slalunya hepi kan...
aku sgt stuju dgn phrase tu...
kdg2 kta terlalu ikut prasaan n smpai lukakan ati org yg kta syg...maybe aku la slh sorg org yg mcm tu..
patotka diberi second chance??
only "him" can answer this....
kalu kte btol2 yakin,insyaAllah we gonna make it...
learn from mistake n btolkan blik ape yg silap tu...
itu yg akan buat kte lbeh better dr sblom neh..for sure..
mungkin ade hkmah d stiap ape yg tjdi atas kte..yes,aku sgt yakin...stiap ape yg brlaku trhdp kte ade hkmahnya..
n aku sedang menanti hkmah itu....
to him,i know, u know this is for u...

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

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