Life is like complex number,got imaginary part and real part

Am I rite??
Surely...coz life isn't perfect and every time it wont be like what u really wanted to be..

But That Is Life

we cant change it even u pay someone 1billion to make it perfect. OMG~..dont frget to tell me if u got a brilliant solution to make it better..

P/S : Tell me haa,if got way to do it...har~har~har....

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

P.S: Komen yang ada link/url, gua delete direct, sorry, gua tak mahu blog gua dilabel google, blog spam.

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