Life till fullest..

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Life might be simple if you got most of these.

-  Hensome/Beauty
Because people sure gonna chase for you..and don’t worry..want to be an artist? sure..want to be a singer too?..yes you can..because people not gonna judge you from your talent but from your looks.. .some of us too choosy..kadang ikut nafsu..cerewet yang amat..

-  Rich/wealthy
People not going to see either you handsome/beautiful or long they can consume you gonna be a fool..dunia makin maju..semua guna duit..ada duit jalan..tak ada duit..jangan harap!

- Stupid
Technology make us lazy like hell. No wonder one day we gonna forget how to write because we tend to type rather than write. Then just choose what font we want.

- Boss
Just give your order..people will fulfill it for you..people around you just acting..pretend to be kind and generous..All in words..your world full of lies..if you’re are worker..then..small mistake gonna drag you to hell.

All in all..that’s life..

P.S: How good you in acting gonna decide how long you gonna survive..

inchEkPelukis topeng tu.! hantar satu kat aku. (:
TheStoryTeller @Faiz

kui3..aku bagi ang print pelekat sendiri leh?hahaha
m. faiz syahmi kurasa mcm ang dh bg kat aku ritu.. tp nak yg dh print.!
post kat kau la weh.
umah aku xdak printer, kat cc mahai kot. =.="

p/s:cobaan bermanja dgn ang. jadi x.? LOL
TheStoryTeller @faiz

hahahah..ghey gila ayat..ahahhaha
m. faiz syahmi please tell me u fell for that. XP

cmno? jadi tak.?
TheStoryTeller @faiz
mak aih..hahha..kut bagi lisa suriani ke..xpe gak..hahaha
inchEkPelukis ang nak bg topeng ni kt dia.? seyes...?
TheStoryTeller @faiz
lum dia mntak.panggil nama aku jah..terus tangan bagi...hahahhaha

Apa korang rasa..cuba tinggal pendapat sikit..paling kurang dua tiga baris pun cukup..jangan tinggal nombor telefon pulak..karang pakwe-pakwe anonymous ambil mengorat gua tak taw.

P.S: Komen yang ada link/url, gua delete direct, sorry, gua tak mahu blog gua dilabel google, blog spam.

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